"The real meaning of education is trilateral development - simultaneous development in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of human existence. This development should enhance the integration of the human personality. By this, dormant human potentialities will be awakened and put to proper use. Educated are those who have learnt much, remembered much and made use of their learning in practical life. " -- P.R. Sarkar

Holistic Development of the Child
Universal Love and Values
Astaunga Yoga
Ecological and Social Consciousness
Academic, Practical and Personal Skills
Knowledge of Self and World Applied for Universal Welfare
Joyful Learning through the Arts
Culturally Sensitive Approach
Integrated Curriculum
Exemplary Role of the Educators

Neohumanist Education (NHE) is firmly rooted in the philosophy and principles of Neohumanism, which stands for "the practice of love for all creation including plants, animals, and the inanimate world" as propounded by the Indian philosopher Shrii P.R. Sarkar. NHE incorporates a harmonious blending of oriental introversial philosophy and occidental extroversial science. Its methodology is flexible, creative and culturally sensitive, making it adaptable to different cultures and parts of the world.

Neohumanist Education seeks to redefine the human experience. Current educational practice works on a model of the individual as a singular entity pitted against the forces of the universe. Competition and the need to dominate and control are the hallmarks of this system.

Neohumanist Education rejects this vision of humanity and proposes instead that we are all beings intimately linked with the fabric of the universe. As such the insecurities, born of alienation and loneliness that drive our society become meaningless.

Neohumanist Education unleashes infinite learning potential into our lives by expanding our understanding of ourselves and our potential. Spirituality, creativity and love are at the center of this new force.

Imagination, the power to conceive and enact wonderful dreams, brings life and energy into the lives of teachers, students and their families. And because we are no longer isolated and alone in this process, because we feel part of a universal family engaged in a universal enterprise, we seek to affirm our kinship through service to the universe.




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