My First Book


YES, ELF, STUVOL and SPROUT are special programmes of NHE that focus on the personal development of the child, care for the natural living community, social justice and relating to the world with the spirit of benevolent service. These elements of life-long learning are introduced in budding form from Early Childhood and are expanded upon throughout the school years, developing essential life skills of the growing person up to his or her tertiary education. They support the sustainable development of the growing person on the physical, mental, social and personal spiritual level. Collecively they address the following specialties of NHE.

  • Yoga based healthy life style
  • Service spirit
  • Character building and values
  • Joyful learning using creative forms and aesthetics
  • Practical life skills
  • Social-justice dimension
  • Spiritual empowerment
  • Ecological sensitivity
  • Scientific temper


"My First Book" is another programme of NHE that is now offered in several countries. My First Book encourages the following values:

  • "Love and Care for Nature”
  • “Children’s Rights”
  • “The power of friendship”
  • “Life in peace”



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