Neohumanist Teacher Education is offered through Ananda Marga Gurukula. It is based on personal development, interpersonal competence, ethics, social responsibility, and universal love. The programmes are designed to synthesize current findings from the emerging neohumanist pedagogy, developmental psychology, cognitive research and educational research.

We believe that we and our students should be prepared to structure and facilitate learning experiences that can lead to learning and teaching through inquiry, research and reflection. We believe that the most effective education occurs when it is shaped around the student. There is emphasis on individual needs and interests within the curriculum. The Programmes present a process of learning that is flexible and interactive. They vary from conventional courses to independent study, workshops, group studies, seminars and field experience.

Ánanda Márga Gurukula presently is offering two Distance Learning Programmes in Neohumanist Teacher Education.

1. NHE Introductory Certificate Programme

This course is for teachers and staff working in Neohumanist Schools. It is a basic introduction to the ideas of Neohumanist Education for Early Childhood in particular. It can be downloaded from the NHE Resources by approved individuals.

Applicant must be connected with a NHE school or project.

For further information please contact: amgk.glo@gurukul.edu


2. NHE Early Childhood Diploma Programme

This programme of study has been designed to give the student a solid basis of educational theory and a focus on Early Childhood education for children ages 0-6. The student will receive a NHE diploma in Early Childhood education approved by Ánanda Márga Gurukula after successful completion of the programme and will be able to teach in NHE kindergartens.

This programme will be given in English as a Distance Learning course. The delivery period of this program is minimum one year. This course includes 90 hours of practical training.

This course is for teachers with a local teaching diploma or persons who have a bachelor's degree in any liberal arts discipline or who have a documentation of experience working with children. This course is designed for teachers who are working in NHE schools and would like to receive a diploma in NHE. It is a prerequisite for this course to have a 45 day spiritual lifestyle training or a similar equivalent training. The minimum age requirement is 18 years.

For further information please contact: amgk.glo@gurukul.edu



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